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Welcome to the Photoshop Dragon! Here you will find numerous tutorials that teach some great techniques to accomplish a lot of pretty cool things with Photoshop. And the best part is that you don't have to be a skilled artist or graphic designer to accomplish this. All the tutorials here are written so that anyone who understands the basic operation of the tools in Photoshop can follow along and create images like an expert.

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Latest Tutorials by Category

Digital Photography

Vignettes The Quick and Easy Way - a quick and effective technique to create a vignette from any photograph or artwork

Boosting Color Saturation - a better way to pump up the color of your digital photos

Shadow Recovery - Learn how to simply paint away unwanted shadows in a digital photo

Text Effects

Wet Text and Water Droplets - Create text that looks like water along with water drops

Text on Fire with Glossy Reflection - Create text that appears to be burning. It's hot stuff!

Dripping Blood Text Effect - Make text that appears to be oozing streams of blood.

Plastic Text and Objects - Give your text that translucent look and surface shine found in plastic materials.

Chrome Metal Text Effect - The smooth and shiny look of chrome metal creates a distinctive and classy effect.

Spooky Ghost Text Effect with Aura - Learn to create ghostly looking text with an ethereal aura around it in this easy tutorial.



Artistic Techniques

Make a Cool Shiny Satin Metal Dragon Emblem - Learn how to create the look of shiny polished metal surfaces that have a satin-like finish in this easy tutorial. Metallic surfaces are a great look for emblems, logos, medallions and so forth.

Light Burst Backgrounds - Create dramatic bursts of light with rays emanating from the center without having to draw a single thing

Psychedelic Backgrounds - Learn the quick and easy way to create psychedelic rainbow backgrounds

Lined Backgrounds - Create backgrounds with horizontal and vertical lines, including scan line patterns

Basic Line Art Coloring - This tutorial teaches the basic tips and tricks for easily coloring line art in Photoshop

Make A Brushed Metal Frame - Enhance any piece of artwork or digital photo by adding a brushed metal frame style border to the image




Photorealistic Rock and Stone - Create incredibly believable rock textures in 9 easy steps

Dragon, Snake and Reptile Scales and Skin Texture - Learn the secrets to generating dinosaur, dragon, snake or reptile skin and scales in Photoshop without having to draw a single thing. Just 9 easy steps.



Special Effects

Glossy Surface Reflection - Add a reflection to give an enhanced level of 3D realism

Tips and Tricks

Create Rounded Smooth Edges - A quick and easy Photoshop trick to round off edges of text and graphics

Installing Brushes - Learn how to add new brushes to Photoshop's brush palette






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